M Connected Lab is the pioneering digital Laboratory Management Ecosystem enabling scientists to spend time where it counts: doing great research.


Built by scientists for scientists, M Connected Lab is customizable and scalable to fit your lab’s needs, and capable of improving lab efficiency, performance and safety. Available anytime, anywhere, and on any device, M Connected Lab transforms laboratory management into laboratory might with tools as innovative as science itself.


The demands on making discoveries are endless. Having the right tools to keep pace with scientific technology is no longer a choice but a requirement. With M Connected Lab, you are assured of a robust, continually growing toolset, capable of delivering the results you need today while preparing you for tomorrow. No matter the device, progress is just a tap away.


We know laboratory safety is a serious concern, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. M Connected Lab makes the entire process simple by streamlining material lifecycle tracking - from product ordering, to inventory monitoring to EHS management. With real-time product data built into the platform, chemical safety, storage handling and PPE guidelines are always just a click away. In addition, dynamic compliance, fire zone and material disposal reports can be easily generated based on your lab’s current inventory or your entire organization. Whether it’s a lab manager or emergency responder, M Connected Lab provides immediate access to up-to-date safety information.


Data is safe with M Connected Lab. Because your privacy is our utmost concern, M Connected Lab has several layers of protection to ensure data security that meets or exceeds industry standards, including secure data transfer and encryption, high tech filters for unwanted traffic, a secure server environment, leveraging the Google Cloud Platform, and firewall, and application- and user-level controls that allow you to control access. When you team with us, you have the guarantee we will never access data in your ELN for any reason.